Baseball Agility Drills
11Effective and efficient baseball drills (like first baseman) can help in boosting a player’s faith, confidence and improve his sportsmanship. The main objective of drilling techniques is to increase stamina, power, agility, strength and speed.

Agility is very important in the baseball game. In this game, swift movements are most essential to win the game. Hence every prayer should work hard to achieve agility. Fitness of the players can be tested via the way he decelerates, accelerates and changes the positions in a swift manner.

Agility Drills for Baseball

Below are the very well-known and popular drills; generally recommended by baseball coaches and masters of the baseball game. These drilling techniques improve footwork of players and make them agile.

1.    Lateral Bound

This drilling method can be achieved in lateral speed. It helps tremendously in cutting, planting and hitting. To practice for the lateral bound, player should stand on the right foot and take a jump as high as he can and as far as possible land on his left foot. Players can repeat lateral bound with left leg.

2.    The Three Hurdle Drill

To practice for this drill, just think about big X on the ground. Place your feet on the one of the terminal of the X and square up the shoulders then rotate your hips at 45 degrees.

3.    Base Rotation

This drill enables players to give more rapid response through the feet. It reduces the reaction time, pushes the speed, improve quick response for base running and enhancing the fielding range.  This is especially important if you are trying to avoid getting caught stealing by the catcher.  Speaking of the position, if you are interested in playing catcher, most prefer Easton equipment over any other.

The Importance of Catcher in the Baseball Game
5The catcher is considered to be one of the most important players in the game. The position of the catcher plays an essential role in the field of baseball. Generally, the catcher is selected as a captain or team leader for the game.

The catcher should analyze all the situations on the ground before they occur and react with appropriate action. Catching is a very cerebral position. Responsible and critical positions on the ground should be filled by appropriate catcher along with lots of responsibility. The final result of the match depends on how solid the catcher team is behind the plate.

The role of catcher has to take full responsibility of whole team. Catcher must have an idea about entire field on the ground and should able to read the situation. Depending on the situation on the ground, he must have to take appropriate action that leads to win the game. When the ball is in the play, this is the only position from where you cannot backtrack towards the action.

Every situation must go through the catcher. There are various roles and responsibilities the catchers are having such as, on-field psychologist, reacting to all situations, keep the pace on the ground and calling pitches. Along with the mentioned duties, the catcher must also take into account many things such as speed of the runner, the selection of athletes, the game situations, the playing surface and the playing conditions.


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